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Maybe, Probably

By Eric Henry Sanders

At the Old Red Lion Theatre

Kate and Guy have a pretty perfect life in Park Slope, Brooklyn: great jobs, great restaurants, great friends. Now Kate thinks a baby might make it even more perfect; if they don’t try soon, it might be too late. Math teacher Guy is hung up on the odds of what could go wrong, not to mention, babies are expensive, and messy, and then there’s the environmental impact. And look how having Lola has changed their best friends’ lives. Scary. A month later Kate and Guy are pregnant, and Maybe, Probably follows their tribulations over the next nine months as they attempt the impossible task of controlling their current and future circumstances as parents.

Maybe, Probably uniquely shows us the very real fears and doubts that both men and women go through as parenthood swiftly approaches. As Kate attempts to know more than her obstetrician, Guy tries to control the odds at the racetrack with his best friend Hugh. Maybe, Probably is a heartfelt and hilarious comedy for those who are thinking of having a baby, have already done so or just love baseball, betting and Brooklyn.


“Without a doubt, one leaves this play with the euphoria of time spent in peals of laughter”

London Pub Theatres Magazine

“This delightful play from the pen of Eric Henry Sanders will resonate with anyone who is thinking of starting a family – or has already done so. Directed with aplomb by Lydia Parker, it races along at a fair lick, helped by snappy set changes, some split stage scenes and bucketfuls of mighty fine acting. It’s all hugely watchable. A fine script, tight direction and some super acting from all of the cast. English and Meyer have oodles of on-stage chemistry while Fuller is quite delightful as a rather laid back full-time father. You can’t help but love him. Indeed, you can’t help but fall in love with this short, vibrant play.”

Closeup Culture

“Over Here Theatre Company (with a cast of American actors based in the UK) creates a touching and painfully relevant show, that eventually leaves the audience with a wide smile, and a ton of thoughts to go over on a way home. A warm, touching, and “American to the core” story, all about the preparations to have a baby and the decisions related to this huge event. Extremely relatable comedy, with dialogue sounding so natural, it feels as if you’re peeking into your neighbours’ apartment and just listening in to a real conversation."

West End Evenings

“The light, easy humour and emotionally personalised storyline combine to create a show that will Maybe, Probably make you feel all warm inside by the end of it.”

The Reviews Hu

“Lydia Parker’s production soars with its casting. Cory English and Christy Meyer as Guy and Kate have the kind of chemistry that is gorgeous to behold, full of dry quips and genuine affection and shimmering with emotional truth. Lance C Fuller and Maria Teresa Creasey as Hugh and Zoey contrast well as a couple and offer respective soundboards to their pals.”

There Ought to be Clowns

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©Rah Petherbridge Photography- Prob, Mayb (5).jpeg


Cory English, Christy Meyer, Maria Teresa Creasey and Lance C Fuller

©Rah Petherbridge Photography- Prob, Mayb (76).jpeg


Director: Lydia Parker

Set and costume design: Stella Backman

Lighting Design: Jonathan Chan

Sound Design: Michael Crean

Producer: Antonia Georgieva

Stage Manager: Willow Weston

Photography: Rah Petherbridge

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